Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Protecting Plants During Excessive Heat

This may be more than a little off of our normal topics for commercial landscaping we thought it would be of benefit to many people to talk about your plants and gardens during this extreme heat we have had the last few days in the Phoenix Metro area. Some simple tips to help even the healthiest plants during this heat wave.

Hot weather can stress even the healthiest garden plants, especially during the hotter months of the summer, when sporadic rain is common. Extended periods of high heat, 95 degrees and above can take a toll on your garden.

Here's a few things professional gardeners recommend:

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetables need a reliable, steady water supply to stay productive. However, even with careful watering, your veggies may suffer from heat stress.

The most common signs of heat stress in vegetables are sunburned foliage and fruits, blossom and fruit drop, and wilting.

• Water regularly and deeply.

• Mulch the soil with at least three inches of organic mulch to reduce moisture loss and help regulate soil temperature.

• Shade certain crops, such as leafy greens and lettuces, to slow bolting. They will wilt, no matter what, during periods of intense heat.

If you have anything on your property that needs repair or removal after an Arizona dust or monsoon storm please take the time to give Greens Keeper Landscape Maintenance a call at 623-848-8277 so we can help.

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